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The creation of news portal

“South Wave” is a regional TV channel about the most important, about life in Odessa and its neighbourhood. Many programmes are broadcasted: daily news programmes, author`s programmes, recent interviews, feature films and documentaries, cartoon and so on.


Despite the fact that the main specialty of “South Wave” is the television, we were appointed the task to create the regional news information field. It is important to pay attention to so many aspects while developing such a website:audience, high volume of website traffic and the server load, as well as its content, usability, simplicity in managing the website and its content filling, SEO ranking factors and much more

Main page


“Why not create online newspaper?” — it is this idea that occurred to us while rendering the first moodboards. The development of information field requires a special approach in UX, that's why clear and familiar to everyone newspaper format was the best option for the website development

Inner pages


Last but not least, we had to create easy-to-use administrative panel. As the company's work requires the publication of more than 10 news a day on a website, and this process had to be quick and simple. In this way journalism can be compared to any sport competition — you snooze, you lose!


“South Wave” is one of the oldest Odessa`s TV channels, and this very fact should have reflected on the domain history and on positions of the site delivery. To save link weight that was gained over the years of experience we have brought in a SEO-specialist, carried out the audit and managed to keep website ranking position.


As a result we have developed a media platform for residents of one of the most colourful regions of Ukraine and that is now growing dramatically. The project was developed according to technical requirements, within the required timescale and the budget. Our client and Valmax Digital team hope that television viewers are happy with the final result.


Altogether Valmax Digital team has spent 116 working hours while working on the project. The team consisted of: Project manager, UI/UX Designer, Front End Developer, Middle PHP Developer, SEO Specialist, QA Engineer.