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In 2022 everyone wanted it: why chatbots became popular
25. 04. 2022

In 2022 everyone wanted it: why chatbots became popular and how to use them for your business

What manager does not dream of an employee who can send messages to dozens of customers in a flash? Softly and confidently continues to convince potential buyers that they just need your product, and do it 24/7?

That’s the kind of employees that many companies have become in 2022 chatbots virtual managers. They took the lion’s share of communication with the audience they tell, sell, persuade and “push” to buy.

Why are chatbots becoming more and more popular?

You are surely familiar with the term “sales funnel”. A properly constructed marketing funnel successfully guides a potential client through a thorny path from introduction to product purchase.

Now the funnel has confidently evolved into an autofunnel, in which your consumer and gets acquainted with the virtual assistant a chatbot. 

Here all the processes that could be automated are automated, and the human factor is minimized.

At the inception of the funnels were built on communication with the user via email. And now they have migrated to messengers. To understand why this happened, answer yourself the question: what do you check more often e-mail or messages to WhatsApp and Facebook? 

So the potential client will react to the usual message signal from the messenger and automatically open it, rather than go to the mail and read your letter.

Why is the autofunnel much cooler and more efficient for the business of good old funnels?

Look, chatbots:

  • Relatively young. That means still interesting for the user. Accordingly, the openness of messages is higher and your message is more likely to reach its recipient.
  • It helps to segment the audience. To understand whether a person is interested in your product or not, you no longer need to spend time on calls. In the bot this issue is solved by a couple of clicks with the help of a quiz survey.
  • They increase loyalty. Segmentation allows you not only to determine which of the visitors to the bot you are most interested in. According to the answers to the test, you, in turn, will understand what to attract a client what content to “deliver” him to buy goods or attend the event.
  • Automate sales. Prescribe the script correctly and the buyer will come to the manager already “warm” and ready to pay. Or he will immediately make a purchase in bot, saving time of specialists.
  • Successfully encouraged to re-purchase. One more curious fact. If the first purchase the client will still make through the site, the probability that he will return there again is not high. But the chat-bot, which softly reminds about your products (and even more so new offers and discounts), quite successfully makes a second, and even third sale.

It already sounds convincing, doesn’t it? In addition, there are many versions of chat bots. It is possible to make a separate one for the sale of a specific product or event.

How chatbots are created

From a technical point of view, there are several ways to create a chat bot. You can “write” it from scratch with the help of programmers, or you can create it on the basis of a special service constructor. The second option is more popular. It is simpler, faster and, of course, cheaper, but has limitations in functionality. 

Chat bots support most of the most popular messengers WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram. Each platform has its own specifics of bots implementation. Functionality, capabilities and limitations. 

For the comfort of your potential customers, we recommend working with several messengers. Give a person a choice on which platform to interact with your bot. Someone will give preference to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, because it is more comfortable for a person to communicate there. And someone in principle uses only one messenger.

But, besides how your bot will be assembled and on what platform, there is another important aspect of its creation. It must “speak” the language of a specific target audience. If for one niche is appropriate joking tone and “flirting” with the reader, for another it is better to choose a more formal way of communication.

The same is true for the use of gamification elements. Passing an interesting test or quest and getting feedback from a bot (even in the form of encouraging emogies or GIF) always livens it up. But with these elements you also need to know the measure.

Therefore, the development of chat-bot a process that involves different experts. From a marketer and copywriter to a technical specialist who actually assemble the bot.

Our team also includes professionals capable of developing the logic of your virtual assistant, selecting the most suitable Tone of Voice for the target audience and assembling the bot on any of the popular platforms.

If the chat-bot is so cool, can it fully replace a person?

The fact that modern chat bots are not bad relieved managers from routine work – a fact. But it still does not mean that a person is really completely excluded from the sales chain. In most cases, it’s still just an assistant whose main goal is to free a manager from working with non-target or cold leads. 

But if you have a bot of high quality, in 9 out of 10 cases you will get a buyer who is already well aware of your offer, does not ask any unnecessary questions and knows exactly what he wants.  Tempting, isn’t it?

Already want to start using chat bots in your business? It’s high time! Let’s make for you the most useful, intelligent and sociable bot.


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