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Digital Sich

About the project
Digital Sich is an informational and educational online portal about online earnings. Mostly about CPA, traffic arbitrage, NFT, cryptocurrencies, etc. with satirical elements on military topics. They specialize in publishing expert content on ways to make money online, as well as satirical comics about famous figures of Ukrainian online businesses.


The logo should favorably distinguish the media within competitors and identify the brand. The first impression is that the media has a radical position and is aimed at readers from Ukraine and friendly countries. Since the target audience is freelancers, owners of arbitrage teams and affiliate programs, owners of Ukrainian YouTube channels, startups, etc. – the branding should be modern, stylish, and unique.

The result

As the main concept, we created the idea with the face of a Cossack made of microchips which is a symbol of technology and immediately conveys the vision and specifics of the online portal. We made one version of the logo in blue and yellow, and the other in black and white, and today we present it to you in this combined format.


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