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About the project Publik Trade

Publik Trade is a decentralized finance (DeFi) options trading startup that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform allows users to buy and sell options on a decentralized network, providing them with more control and security over their assets. As a newcomer in a highly competitive space, Publik Trade needs a strong brand identity to establish itself as a serious project in the eyes of its users and the public.

The Task

The task was to create a minimalistic logo that reflects the professional and serious nature of Publik Trade’s project while keeping in mind the color preferences of the client. The logo had to be suitable for use on the website, social media, pitch decks, and articles. The goal was to create an identity that would convey that Publik Trade is a trustworthy and strong player in the DeFi options trading market.

Other concepts:

01. Geometric unique font logo on a bright green background. The font looks modern, technologically advanced, and a bit brutal.  This approach to branding is fully consistent with Publik Trade’s theme and niche, and the bold style will definitely make it stand out in the competitive DeFi options trading market.

03. This branding concept is in the form of a box that can be beautifully placed next to other cryptocurrency boxes. The design is clean, concise, and minimalistic, with the option to use a purple shade for the color palette. This approach to branding is more approachable and welcoming than other concepts, making it a great option for a startup looking to attract new users to its DeFi options trading platform.

The Result

Our team created a minimalistic logo that consists of the bold letter “P” with a circle in the center, which symbolizes an option. The circle can also represent the decentralized nature of the platform, and the simple shape makes it easy to animate for promotional purposes. The circle’s pattern, resembling chains, is a subtle nod to the blockchain technology that underlies the platform. The sleek and versatile design of the logo makes it suitable for use across various platforms, including websites, social media, and marketing materials. Overall, the logo successfully conveys the professional and trustworthy image that Publik Trade desires to establish in the competitive DeFi options trading market.


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