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Shared Mining

About the project
Shared Mining is a Japanese company that provides users with cloud mining services. Users can rent cryptocurrency mining capacity through the site, paying only for the cost of the hash power, which is the computational capacity to run the necessary algorithms for cryptocurrency mining.


The client’s need was to create branding and web design for a new project in the short term. The client and I identified the main objectives and the desired outcome from the branding work. In addition to the visual aspects, there are more substantial marketing tasks: to emphasize competitive advantages, create a connection between the product and the consumer, to form an individual image of the company, to reveal the emotional component of the brand, to increase recognition of the company.


In our logo concepts, we reflected the symbols that define the client’s service: cloud (cloud mining technology), pick (mining tool), SM – initials of the company name. Our client chose this option with the image of a cloud in pleasant purple shades.


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