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VALMAX DIGITAL Offers Dependable And Scalable Digital Solutions: Vladyslav Bahatskyi
18. 09. 2023

VALMAX DIGITAL Offers Dependable And Scalable Digital Solutions: Vladyslav Bahatskyi

VALMAX DIGITAL is a top-rated digital agency that provides services such as branding, web design and development, eCommerce development, white label development, graphic design, and project management globally. Their dedicated team works diligently to create outstanding digital solutions by transforming concepts into reality.
VALMAX is a company that helps businesses with digital marketing and website design. They are known for being creative and skilled in their work. They have been recognized as one of the top web design companies in Ukraine by GoodFirms.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Mr. Vladyslav Bahatskyi, CEO of VALMAX DIGITAL, to learn more about the company and its values.

The Backstory Of Valmax And Vladyslav Bahatskyi’s Role
Mr. Bahatskyi shared how he and a close friend established VALMAX DIGITAL in 2019. Both of them had extensive experience in the IT industry, having worked with several web studios. After researching, they identified a need for websites with exceptional design and advanced features. These websites required creativity, reliability, and high-quality development and innovation.
Thus, this realization motivated them to establish a company that delivers dependable and resilient software development, aesthetically pleasing website designs, and innovative digital marketing services that enhance business
growth and brand recognition. As a CEO, Mr. Bahatskyi’s leadership inspires teams to think creatively and find innovative solutions, constantly pushing boundaries in the dynamic digital world.

Business Model And Core Competencies That Distinguish
Valmax Digital In The Marketplace

Mr. Bahatskyi mentioned that the company’s primary strength is its in-house professionals with industry expertise and experience who provide result-oriented solutions to meet clients’ business needs. The company aims to provide clear communication, high-quality work, and collaborative project execution. The team specializes in branding, web design, and development services to empower businesses.
Mr. Bahatskyi has shared the competencies of the company, and they are as follows:
● Holistic Approach
● Strategic Creativity
● In-House Expertise
● Client-Centric Focus

● Innovation and Adaptability
● Transparency and Communication
● Proven Track Record
● Long-Term Partnerships


Industries And Services That Company Offers
Mr. Bahatskyi mentioned the company’s fintech, media, real estate, information technology, and business consulting expertise during the conversation. They have completed projects for clients worldwide. Over 50% of clients are repeat customers, and this is achieved by meeting their expectations and helping their business grow to the next level. The company provides branding, web design, and development services. Their branding solutions aim to differentiate businesses and establish a unique identity with impactful strategies that bring value.
Web design requires exceptional ability to comprehend the client’s requirements and the technical expertise that helps the product stand out.
VALMAX’s UI/UX experts ensure the website design is user-friendly and responsive. The company utilizes cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to transform conceptual designs into functional digital experiences that improve responsiveness and scalability. The company’s experienced and qualified developers are committed to delivering growth-driven customized web solutions based on client requirements for eCommerce platforms. The reviews by GoodFirms show how VALMAX DIGITAL works with its clients.

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Payment Structure And Budget Requirements

According to Mr. Bahatskyi, the company has a payment structure that is both flexible and transparent. They offer two types of payment models: hourly contracts and fixed-cost contracts with milestones. The hourly payment structure works well for projects that require ongoing changes and updates, while the fixed-cost payment structure with milestones is based on the division of project phases.
Regarding budget requirements, the company’s minimum budget range is $1500. For 2022, the company’s projects have ranged from $2000 to $50,000. The pricing variation depends on the complexity level and nature of each project.
Valmax’s Vision
At the end of the interview, Mr. Bahatskyi emphasized the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and desire to grow through scalable digital solutions. They aim to establish a worldwide presence and become a leading digital agency utilizing innovative and cutting-edge technology.

VALMAX DIGITAL’s exceptional industry leadership and robust customer relationships are set to drive its growth and reach in the global digital sphere. You can also go through this detailed interview on GoodFirms.

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