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About the project Haelixa
Haelixa is a technology company that provides innovative solutions for marking, tracing, and authenticating products throughout the supply chain. Their technology allows for physical marking on various products, providing transparency and accountability, which helps brands and retailers protect their reputation and revenue. Haelixa's technology also safeguards against counterfeiting by providing proof of authenticity. They work with a wide range of clients, including retailers, brands, manufacturers, and non-profit organizations, providing customized solutions to meet specific needs and goals. Overall, Haelixa revolutionizes supply chain management and brand protection with its innovative technology and commitment to transparency and authenticity.

Our task was to design and develop a new website for Haelixa that would effectively communicate the company’s innovative solutions in the field of product labeling, tracking, and authentication. We wanted to create a website that accurately reflected the company’s brand and values, as well as be user-friendly and visually appealing to visitors.

To achieve the desired results, we followed a modern and clean design style with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity. We used a color palette that reflects the brand’s identity and values, a bright green color that symbolizes naturalness, naturalness, and safety. We also included images and videos that emphasize the company’s products and services and demonstrate their effectiveness and reliability.

The result
The new website we designed and developed for Haelixa effectively communicates the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in supply chain management and brand protection. The website’s home screen features a vibrant green DNA strand, emphasizing the use of innovative labeling and traceability solutions.
The new design highlights their customized solutions for a variety of clients, including retailers, brands, manufacturers, and non-profit organizations. The UX/UI design has been developed to encourage visitors to learn more about Haelixa’s products and services, establishing the company as a leader in the industry.


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