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About the project Let's Node

Let's Node is a versatile service company that provides the implementation of Nodes blockchain technology, and development of web3 projects, and also has its own crypto community. Each of the company's areas has its own name and identity, so the logo and branding we developed, on the one hand, had to be unique and convey the essence of the specific area, and on the other hand, be universal so that a single brand could be traced that unites different services. Something like Google. Let's Node. Let's Code. Let's Staking. Let's Community. Let's Help. Let's Academy.

Our task was to create a comprehensive, and at the same time personalized for each service, branding solution.
Let’s Node is not about crypto hype and the search for easy, big money, but about technology and its implementation in society. Therefore, the customer wanted the brand, first of all, to convey the idea of technology, innovation, and the future, and secondly, to have a balance between seriousness, confidence, convincing, and at the same time freshness and courage.

The final version of the logo incorporated the company’s fundamental service: the implementation of Node blockchain technology. A node is a point in a blockchain network whose main function is to distribute data between other nodes.
We decided to make the letter O in the word Node animated, constantly changing its state, displaying from one to nine points that are interconnected and convey the basic principle of Node technology.
We chose a fairly bold color palette for the brand, using fuchsia (dark purple), black, and white as the main colors. In our opinion, these colors convey confidence, technology, and courage.
We incorporated the idea of a techno-ornament from Ukrainian embroidery into the brand’s patterns. The client’s company is Austrian but has Ukrainian roots.

The result
Our joint work between the design team, management, and the client resulted in a new company identity that truly reflects its activities, and character and is quite versatile.
The client received a complete Brandbook: logo in different states and color palettes (including an animated version), style guide, color palette, font guide, stylistic patterns, and avatar design for the community.
We did a great job to create the perfect branding for our client and building business relationships for further cooperation. Spoiler alert: We have already started creating UX/UI design for the Let’s Node website.


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